What is a massage candle? 
  • Massage candles are candles containing ingredients allowing the candle to be used for massaging/moisturizing the skin or simply to provide a scent to the room. The warm oil gives a level of sensuality, relaxation and fun!
What is in a Lucky Thirteen massage candle? 
  • Our candles include all natural ingredients, such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Soy Wax, Essential Oils and Fragrances. Our oils are skin safe, but not safe as a sexual lubricant.
How does it work? 
  • It’s simple! Light your candle and wait until the wax melts almost to the edge of the container (roughly 15-20 minutes depending on the size). Allow the calming aromatherapy to fill the atmosphere in the room. When the mood is set, blow out the candle. Dip your finger tip into the candle to check temperature. Pour the wax into your palm and massage into the skin. Repeat as often as you want.


Does it leave a residue? 

  • Nope! There’s no soy wax residue because the ratio of soy wax is very low. 


Is the wax hot? 

  • The candles should be treated with caution. Soy wax melts at a lower temperature, so you won’t get burned. They have low melting points which work great to melt quickly and easily.
My candle is melted, what should I do?
  • If you notice that your candle has melted, don’t worry…this is absolutely normal, especially during summer months. Simply store your candle in a cool area (72 degrees or less) and allow the ingredients to solidify. You can even store in the refrigerator to allow it to cool off.