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Lucky Thirteen Candle Co. has been featured in Well and Good as one of the 150+ Black-Owned Wellness Businesses to Support Now and Always. 

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Lucky Thirteen Candles uniquely turn into a massage oil/moisturizer. They include essential oils/fragrances and all natural ingredients. The benefits of essential oils include providing an atmosphere of calmness, relaxation, mental clarity, circulation, and relief of muscle aches. Whether you’re seeking to de-stress or sleep better, with our candles, you’ll be able to get the benefits you’re seeking for an affordable rate!



What They’re Saying!

This candle so far is my favorite! If you like a candle that leaves a room with a light relaxing smell then this the candle for you! The scent is just right! Being that it is a masage candle is just an extra touch to make the candle worth the buy. 

Torrun Mance (Tranquility Massage Candle)

The scent lures you to relaxation... not heavy or perfumy, just right. I just love this idea of natural ingredients. The candle melting into an oil you can use on your body is an experience. 

Queen (Tranquility Massage Candle)

I really enjoy this aroma. The candles are very soothing to my soul, and relaxing to my mind, after a busy day at work or running errands. The moisturizing oils smell fresh and feel good on my skin. The candles are a special treat I routinely give to myself.

MED (Positive Thoughts Massage Candle)

This is the one! After a stressful day, I light this baby up and feel the anxiousness melt away. It's truly amazing!

Diandra (Positive Thoughts Massage Candle)

This is my favorite candle in my house!
I already need another. I use it almost after every shower.

Joelle (Tranquility Massage Candle)

I love this candle! I use it before bedtime. The lavender is relaxing. I allow it to burn while completing my nightly routine. It scents the room nicely. Then I massage it over my body. It leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. It's easily my favorite.

Diandra (Tranquility Massage Candle)